Quality Software made in Germany



The first step to an appropriate software solution for me is always talking to you.
Only if I understand your business, I can give you the solution you need.

So I hear you very carefully, to realize what needs and wishes.


A clean and complete concept is laying the foundation for further work.
The concept must be flexible, however. Often at the begining of a project, not all requirements are set.

I am not afraid of changes, but plan for changes to happen.
So I am always able to adjust myself to changing environmental conditions and requirements.


Development methodologies and functional aspects are the most important.
I base myself on Agile software development methodologies.

Due to short development cycles and test-driven development, I am able to present you prototypes of your software solution at short intervals repeatedly.

That way I can respond flexible and promptly to requests for change and ensure that you get the solution that meets your specifications and requirements.


Following the successful completion of the development and delivery of your software solution, I'll won't let you alone!
I am available at any time for maintenance, support and enhancements to your solution.

With my extensive experience in system administration, I can also help in maintaining your IT infrastructure.

So you'll be able to concentrate on your core business.