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Call It Editions

You're using a Gigaset DX600 A ISDN, DX800 A or DL500 A? Please read the notes.

Edition Standard Professional Enterprise
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Fully-fledged TAPI Driver
Works with any TAPI capable application
Call Control
Journal (Call History) 1
Outlook Integration
Call Forwarding 2  
Choose sending MSN per Call 2  
Suppress Caller Id 2  
Internal Calls  
Internal Call Forwarding 2  
Put Call On Hold 2  
3rd Party Conference 2  
Pagging Call  
Quick Call  
Call Phone Numbers from any Application  
Configuration Profiles 2  
Configure MSNs 2  
Manage Devices 2  
Register and unregister Devices 2  
Configure Answer Machines 2  
Configure Night Service 2  
Configure ISDN Settings 2  
Configure Dial Settings 2  
Configure System Settings 2  
Configure Call Forwardings 2
Manage Phone Books 2
Call Report    
Call Statistics    
Clearing Report    
Comfort Functions
Save Phone Books on the PC  
Integrated online Search for Phone Numbers  
Google Maps © Integration  
Notification on incomming Calls  
Automatic Notation to Outlook Journal  
Call Back List  
Notes for Calls  
Automatic Call Deflection  
Quick Call Forwardings  
Import and Export Contacts and Call History (Excel und CSV)  
Automatic reverse search for Phone Numbers  
E-Mail-Notification on incomming Calls  
Start external Application on incomming and outgoing Calls  
Quick Search for Contacts
Automatically mute PC audio during calls  
Automatically change Skype™ status during calls  
Quick Access  
Multilingual: German, English, Dutch
Advanced Synchronisation of Kontakts
Support for the callto: Protocol
(e.g. for Dialing Numbers on Websites)
Extensive Customization
Supported Operating Systems
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP (64 and 32 Bit)
Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003 (64 and 32 Bit)
Outlook Support
Support for Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003
Supported Phone Devices
Gigaset DX600 A ISDN
Please read the notes
Gigaset DX800 A
Please read the notes
Gigaset DL500 A
Please read the notes
Gigaset SX353 ISDN
Gigaset SX303 ISDN
Gigaset SX255 ISDN
Gigaset SX205 ISDN
Gigaset 4175 ISDN
Gigaset 4170 ISDN
Gigaset 4075 ISDN
Gigaset 4070 ISDN
Gigaset 3075 ISDN
Gigaset 3070 ISDN

Important notes for the support of Gigaset DX600 A ISDN, DX800 A and DL500 A phones

Please note that due to technical limitations of the DX600 A ISDN, DX800 A and DL500 A phones not all listed features are available on these phones. Features which are not available or limited are marked with the following foot-notes:

1 On DX600 A ISDN, DX800 A and DL500 A phones only calls are recorded to the call log which happened when the PC and Call It was running and the phone was connected to the network. Phone calls which are started directly on the phone itself (so not via Call It) can only be recorded if they have been started on the base and not on a handset.
2 On DX600 A ISDN, DX800 A and DL500 A unfortunately this feature is not available.